5 tips to help you improve your events custom Facebook Cover photo

Custom Facebook Cover Photo Example 1
An eye catching custom facebook cover photo is an excellent point of difference to your event marketing strategy.

Everyone says to never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately so, this isn’t the case when it comes to Facebook event marketing. 94% of all online first impressions are design related.

Similar to all forms of visual communication with your audience, An impactful custom Facebook cover photo can give your event that extra push to increase your attending numbers leading to extra ticket sales. On the other hand, a badly designed Facebook cover photo can put your audience off and have them click ‘ignore’ faster than a dog with a bone.

Whether you are running a club night, art exhibition or even organising a networking function, making your graphics stand out is key to your events success. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions before you blatantly click that ‘create event’ button:

Have a look below for 5 helpful tips on how a custom Facebook cover photo can help your event turnout be turn’t up.

Consider these 5 helpful tips to improve your events Custom Facebook Cover Photo

1: Keep on brand

Have you had an event do particularly well in the past? Find out why it did, and keep to the same style visually. Consistency is key when it comes to branding. If you use the same colours, fonts and imagery on all your events – People will recognise your brand without even realising it.

Brand recognition plays a very big part in famous brands, almost to the point where they do not need to use any text along with their logo! Think McDonald’s & Coca-Cola.

A good place to start with this is to set out these rules in a document for future reference – these are called ‘Brand Guidelines’. They are a designers go-to for specifications for Fonts, Colours, Imagery and even writing styles such as tone of voice. A graphic designer can help create and use your brand guidelines to design a custom Facebook cover photo for you.

2: Don’t underestimate the value of visual cues

Visual cues are a type of sensory cue that catches your attention through vision. They provide insight on how your audience psychologically perceives your graphic. We’re most familiar with ‘Directional’ cues. Which points you into the direction of a link or a ‘Call to Action’, A good example of this is finding the ‘Download now’ amongst the other fluff on a web page. These cues can be direct (such as ‘arrows’ or “click here’ text) or indirect (with use of colours etc). As much as we like to think first impressions don’t count, they most certainly do.

We need to learn to implement this within custom Facebook cover photos to point your audience to click on your event in their feed. Whether it be a simple “Tickets on sale now” Call to Action or a bright red button, it will direct your audience onto your event page. Although not the subtlest approach, it works.

3: Don’t rely on your details to sell

Is the Dalai Lama speaking at your event and only have a couple of people attending? There’s a reason for that. You shouldn’t rely on your details to sell your event, there needs to adequate amount of thought into marketing strategy before diving in and booking anyone.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is there a big enough of an audience to support the event?
  • What makes them want to click on your event when they are scrolling on their feed?
  • Do your graphics reflect that?

These are the things to consider that will help your event sell in conjunction with that quintuple headliner you just booked.

4: Take advantage of video

A picture tells a thousand words right? Imagine what a video could tell… Instead of having a static image as a Facebook cover photo, consider using something moving! There’s nothing more attention grabbing than using a video to lure people onto your Facebook event page. Best practice is to think of unconventional ways to use it, perhaps some motion design, a glitch effect or even kinetic typography.

Uploading a video to Facebook is super simple but to get the specifications right can be a bit tricky. A Facebook cover video must be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels, with an official recommendation of 820 x 462 pixels. See the next point on how to get it perfectly right.

5: More gods sake, make use of a graphic designer

Before you say – “Why would I hire someone to design it if I can do that myself?” Think about the following: Would you try to build your own house if you helped build your Mum’s cat house once? Probably not — and a house for cats is different to a house for people, just like an invitation to your beloved mates fortnightly poker tournament is different to the event you just dropped $5000 on.

Hiring a graphic designer is the most efficient way to create a polished custom Facebook cover photo. After all, that is their job and they’ve been trained to do it.

A graphic designer can rid you of all the hard effort in making a cover photo by yourself to leave you to focus on other aspects of the event you’re trying to market. They will know the nitty gritty details such as the right sizes, the safe areas for text and the format to upload it so it doesn’t look like a blurry compressed mess. It’s definitely a consideration to make and worth the cost for the results.

Are you ready to find the best possible way to market your event on Facebook? contact me to order a custom Facebook cover photo for your event now. Turnaround time is only 4 days of receiving all the necessary information and payment. Examples of my work can be found here and in the gallery below.